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New York Not-For-Profit Corporation Workbook

New York Not-For-Profit Corporation Workbook


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Asterisks (*) indicate required answers.

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1. Name of Corporation
Print the name of the corporation. The name of the corporation must contain one of the words "incorporated," "corporation," or "limited," or an abbreviation, unless the corporation is formed for charitable purposes. IF THIS CORPORATION IS A RELIGIOUS ENTITY OR REQUIRES APPROVAL FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OR FROM THE COMMISSIONER OF THE OFFICE OF CHILDREN & FAMILY SERVICES OR THE PUBLIC HEALTH COUNCIL- STOP HERE WE CANNOT ASSIST YOU.

Note: We The People® can do a preliminary search of business name availability based on your workbook entry. The business entity search is done directly through the Division of Corporations. It can be used to determine if an entity with the same name is currently registered with the State. However, We The People® cannot guarantee name availability. Let your We The People® store representative know if you are interested in this service.

2. Mission Statement (Purpose of the Not-For-Profit)
Note: Once we receive your workbook, we will review and help edit it with you if necessary. Also, please note that certain purposes may require approval of additional State agencies.
3. Office County
4. Initial Directors
The names and addresses of the three initial directors of the corporation are: (A minimum of three are required)
Initial Director 1
Initial Director 2
Initial Director 3
5. Mailing Information
The Secretary of State is designated as agent of the corporation upon whom process against it may be served. Indicate the full address to which the Secretary of State will mail a copy of any legal papers concerning the corporation.
6. (Optional – Corporations seeking tax exempt status may include language required by the Internal Revenue Service in this paragraph.)
The following language relates to the corporation's tax exempt status and is not a statement of purposes and powers. Consequently, this language does not expand or alter the corporation's purposes or powers set forth in paragraph THIRD.
7. Filing of Certificate
Print the name and mailing address of the individual who will file the Certificate of Incorporation.
8. Incorporator
Print the name and mailing address of the incorporator.

I understand “We The People”, (the Company)” will complete the document as stated on this receipt with information supplied by me for the purpose of representing myself, (Pro Se).   

Any fees pursuant to this purchase are for computer time & document typing and do NOT include filing fees required by the court, state or any third party fees for providers, (e.g., courier fees, process servers, publications costs).

The Resource Attorney is available to answer "general" questions about the law, the Resource Attorney will NOT provide legal advice or represent you in court. The Resource Attorney is NOT an employee of The Company.  

I hereby agree to assume all responsibility associated with the information in the preparation of the documents.  I further agree to read and approve all documents prior to signing.  If any disputes arise between the parties hereto, venue shall lie in NEW YORK COUNTY, State of New York.  In consideration of the foregoing, I make my authorization.

The Company will use its best efforts to prepare documents in a timely fashion; no guarantee has been made regarding the time of completion and/or filing of documents on my behalf. I further understand that The Company has made NO representations regarding the successful outcome (or otherwise) of my legal matter.

The aforementioned as well as the following terms are understood and agreed by “The Company" and me therefore by signing below, I understand and acknowledge the all of the terms contained in this contract:  

  • The Company is not a law firm & its owners/staff members are NOT lawyers.   
  • The Company cannot select legal documents for me.
  • The Company cannot represent me in court.
  • The Company cannot advise me about my legal rights or the law.
  • I am solely responsible for the information provided for the preparation of the documents.
  • If cancellations are requested, The Company will retain a $149.00 cancellation fee to cover administrative costs.
  • If I provide The Company with inaccurate information or if document changes are requested for any reason by me, the court or state, an amendment fee will be charged accordingly for retyping  (fees range from $179.-$299. per request).
  • There are NO refunds once documents are typed.
  • I must pick up the completed forms within 30 days from the date of notification by The Company. If I am unavailable or unreachable, I have the responsibility of calling or coming in to the office within 20 business days after such notification or 20 business days after my last dealing/communication with the office in order to inquire as to my document status.
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